#1 Neolithic Revolution- Because Cows are Best

I am going to write about history. Not of a particular country or people. But a history of humanity in general. From the beginning of known history, to our day and age. This will be difficult because I am not a historian and do not possess a tremendous knowledge of these things, but they do fascinate me.

So without further ado let me begin…

Long long ago in our universe

on our planet, there lived the human race

they were a happy bunch hunting and gathering,

making new people and working only 20 hours

to feed themselves. Then slowly through variety of reasons

Things began to change…

The Neolithic revolution began. All over the world, simultaneously, people went from hunting gathering (don’t forget fishing), to cultivating crops and domesticating animals. Cows are the best.


Why would they do such a stupid thing? Since they were happy hunting in general; they had short weeks, a ton of time for making new people, if you know what I mean ;), and they even lived longer.

Well historians have many conflicting ideas on that:

Some believe that the climate grew drier so communities were forced closer to oases and began living closer to the animals there, domesticating them and cultivating food. Others believe that it was driven by display of power, you were cooler and could throw better parties if you were able to create a surplus of food. Overpopulation in certain areas contributed, and chances are that it happened over a long period of time in different regions for all of the above reasons. Haha, some even think that it is the ability to make more alcohol is what drove the change.

I think that the move to cultivation and domestication of animals happened because it could. Really, as people we seem to be able to eventually find everything that is possible to do and do it. This just seemed to catch on.

In reality there were a lot of good things came out of the ability to grow our own food. The most important of which is that we were able to control our own food surplus. So not all people had to be either hunters or gatherers. It allowed those people time to create stepping stones for further development and revolutions. The certainty of food created a sense of home and community which led to the rise of civilization…

dun dun dun. Dramatic sound effect. Guess what the next post will be about…










4 thoughts on “#1 Neolithic Revolution- Because Cows are Best

  1. You should read “Sapiens” it’s a very approachable account of human history from Neanderthal times to current day. Perhaps one of your friends may even lend you a copy…


  2. Great post! I remember I had a talk about this in an upper bio course I took, and I found this topic really interesting! It’s a misconception that hunting and gathering is somehow an inferior system. Fossils showed they were much healthier and even ate more varieties of food. Yeah, maybe they just thought that cultivating things is some magical thing that makes people special so it’s definitely something to do with control and pride


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