5 Interesting Things: Unusual Religions

There are people in the world who follow the Jediism religion.

This religion is largely influenced by the Jedi in the star wars books and movies. They follow, basically, the same tenets as the Jedi follow in the media. They believe, as in the star wars, that there is “the force” in the universe and that if you follow the right path you will become a Jedi.

May the force be with you!

A more mainstream, but still very unusual religion is Scientology.

This religion is based on the books of  L. Ron Hubbard. They use science and personal ability to discover spirituality. This religion has gained quite a bit of traction through the years. It is still very controversial. They believe that the human soul lives countless past lives and some of those lives where even lived on other planets.

If Tom Cruise and Travolta are Scientologists, then the church must be doing something right. Right?

The Prince Philip Movement is a strange religion that probably came out of a sort of culture/technological shock.

The Yaohnanen tribe on an island north of Australia believe that  Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the consort to Queen Elizabeth II, is a divine being. It all probably came from the shock of technologically more advanced civilization clashing with the less advanced, creating confusion.

Or maybe he is divine, who knows?

Raëlism is a UFO type religion.

They believe that life was scientifically created by aliens. They believe that Buddha, Jesus, Moses and others were aliens that took human form.

Apparently they will come back in 2025 to Jerusalem. The “Raelists” asked Israel to build a big landing pad for them. The latest news I could find was that in 2001 they have already raised 20 million for the landing pad/alien embassy.  The only problem is that their symbol is a “swastika” inside of the “star of David”. The Raelist say that it has no negative implications, but to many jewish people the symbol is still very offensive, understandably so.

Good thing that the aliens are apparently very peace-loving, because 2025 is coming up pretty quick!

Church of Euthanasia Is all about population reduction.

Their main mantra is “thou shalt not procreate” and “save the planet, kill yourself”. They are against killing and only for voluntary end. Also apparently they are cannibals.

Unless you are really keen on joining, I would not recommend going on their website, very graphic.


I probably should end the post on a happier note, here is a video of an interview with Rael, “The Leader of Raelism”, interesting:









One thought on “5 Interesting Things: Unusual Religions

  1. Technically if you manage to convince others to believe in what you believe, you can create a new religion. Add some philosophical written rules and principles, and create rituals. Btw, Happy New Year! Looking forward to reading more intriguing stories on your blog.


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