5 Interesting Things: AFRICA

    List of some of the African Empires and Kingdoms, just looking at the list is tiring: There are so many of them, the length of this list shows how diverse Africa is. Egyptian Empire (1570 BC - 1070 BC) Kushite Empire (780 BC - 656 BC) Carthaginian Empire(575 BC-146 BC) Ptolemaic Empire (305 BC - … Continue reading 5 Interesting Things: AFRICA


#16 Africa – Erik and Tarzan

“Why did you kill Tarzan?” Asked a man, who strikingly resembled colonel sanders. If it wasn’t for his top-hat; his white beard and moustache would make him indistinguishable from the king of fried chicken. “You don’t understand. It was always Tarzan this, and Tarzan that. What about Erik?  Nobody ever talked about Erik. Nobody cares about … Continue reading #16 Africa – Erik and Tarzan