#11 India – No Monk Ninjas

Here we are at the Indus river again, but now Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa are gone. Not often does a civilization disappear, usually it is conquered or absorbed into another. In this case it seems that it has vanished leaving behind barely a trace, barely a memory of its existence. Civilizations are like bubbles of soap … Continue reading #11 India – No Monk Ninjas


#9 China Part 1 – A to Ying Zheng

When I think of ancient China, I can’t help but feel awe and reverence towards it. China has a mystical aura surrounding it. What probably brings out this feeling, is the tremendous amount of art and culture that can be found in china. The stories of morality and also immorality are told throughout china: of good … Continue reading #9 China Part 1 – A to Ying Zheng