#11 India – No Monk Ninjas

Here we are at the Indus river again, but now Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa are gone. Not often does a civilization disappear, usually it is conquered or absorbed into another. In this case it seems that it has vanished leaving behind barely a trace, barely a memory of its existence. Civilizations are like bubbles of soap … Continue reading #11 India – No Monk Ninjas


#7 Assyrian Empire – In the Library.

"I can't remember how I got here." On the floor of a magnificent library lay a young man bruised and burned. His bright uniform in ruins, covered in blood. His conical helmet (huliam) lay somewhere amidst the piles of broken clay tablets on the ground. He tried to gather his thoughts as smoke slowly started … Continue reading #7 Assyrian Empire – In the Library.

#6 Achaemenid Empire – Letter to Cyrus, King of Persia

Dear Cyrus 'Shah of Persia', First of all, I want to say that I am a great fan of your work. Dude, you built the biggest and richest empire the world has ever seen. You built it from basically nothing. Generally, rivers are awesome for starting civilizations, but your people managed to bring the water … Continue reading #6 Achaemenid Empire – Letter to Cyrus, King of Persia

#5 Ancient Greece : Alexander, I Like That Guy.

When looking through history we stumble upon the same concept over and over again. The concept of good and evil. Right and wrong. Them and us. People are obsessed with these distinctions. But this, again, is a manmade concept, same as the concept of time and borders are made to benefit the people administering these … Continue reading #5 Ancient Greece : Alexander, I Like That Guy.

#4 Ancient Egypt – Told By Mr. Ptah

“Let me introduce myself, my name is Ptah; I pronounce my name Pitaḥ. I am an Egyptian god… I have been around since, like, forever and my superpower is creating things. I know it's not as cool as Zeus’s or Thor’s, but I did take part in creating pretty much everything. This is my wife; … Continue reading #4 Ancient Egypt – Told By Mr. Ptah

#3 Indus River Civilization -The Mysterious Bath

Sometimes it feels like we know history. Yeah, we understand  what comes from what, which things happened when, and to whom, and who did what and so on... But imagine writing a history about what is happening today. It would be quite different from what would be written if a historian would try to create a … Continue reading #3 Indus River Civilization -The Mysterious Bath

#2 Mesopotamia – Hammurabi is Da Boss

  Civilization. It is a manmade concept. A concept which tries to divide people into what we call civilized and savage. In our minds the distinction is very clear but in reality it gets a little tricky. Strictly speaking a civilization must possess certain attributes for us to call it a civilization: Surplus production / cities … Continue reading #2 Mesopotamia – Hammurabi is Da Boss

#1 Neolithic Revolution- Because Cows are Best

I am going to write about history. Not of a particular country or people. But a history of humanity in general. From the beginning of known history, to our day and age. This will be difficult because I am not a historian and do not possess a tremendous knowledge of these things, but they do … Continue reading #1 Neolithic Revolution- Because Cows are Best