#8 Babylon – Outside of the Library

“Come here boy,” said the old wrinkly man leaning on a pillow. “I will tell you a story that my father once told me, I am old and might not have the chance again. Come here and listen to what I have to tell you.” He said it in a very authoritative manner which made … Continue reading #8 Babylon – Outside of the Library


#7 Assyrian Empire – In the Library.

"I can't remember how I got here." On the floor of a magnificent library lay a young man bruised and burned. His bright uniform in ruins, covered in blood. His conical helmet (huliam) lay somewhere amidst the piles of broken clay tablets on the ground. He tried to gather his thoughts as smoke slowly started … Continue reading #7 Assyrian Empire – In the Library.

#2 Mesopotamia – Hammurabi is Da Boss

  Civilization. It is a manmade concept. A concept which tries to divide people into what we call civilized and savage. In our minds the distinction is very clear but in reality it gets a little tricky. Strictly speaking a civilization must possess certain attributes for us to call it a civilization: Surplus production / cities … Continue reading #2 Mesopotamia – Hammurabi is Da Boss