5 Interesting Things: Unusual Religions

There are people in the world who follow the Jediism religion. This religion is largely influenced by the Jedi in the star wars books and movies. They follow, basically, the same tenets as the Jedi follow in the media. They believe, as in the star wars, that there is "the force" in the universe and … Continue reading 5 Interesting Things: Unusual Religions


#15 The Three Religions Part 3 – Islam

“My story starts in the same way as the two told before me, but steers off in a different direction. For you see, there is no God, but God and Muhammad is the messenger of God. We believe that god did in fact appear to other people, for example: Moses and Jesus. But the people … Continue reading #15 The Three Religions Part 3 – Islam

#14 The Three Religions Part 2 – Christianity

“Let me tell you a story…” Mr. M. Slim began. "Wow, wow, wow!" Exclaimed Mr. Kr. Stan. "I am pretty sure it is my turn." "What can you tell us, that Mr. J. Fish hasn't already. Isn’t your story basically the same?" Asked Mr. M. Slim. "Just listen, and you, young man, better listen too. … Continue reading #14 The Three Religions Part 2 – Christianity

#13 The Three Religions Part 1 – Judaism

Mr. J. Fish, Mr. M. Slim, and Mr. Kr. Stan walk into a coffee shop. “Hi, boys. Isn’t it late to be drinking coffee?” The flamboyant barista asks. Mr. Kr. Stan leans over and whispers something in the barista's ear. “Yes, sir. Right away, sir.” The barista responds. The barista pulls a lever behind the counter and … Continue reading #13 The Three Religions Part 1 – Judaism